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#No but like look at that fourth gif  #he’s playing it cool  #all stoic  #and then all the fear and exhaustion hits him  #and he knows he’s safe with Donna  #he can relax  #so he gives in and hugs her just that bit tighter  #and look at Donna’s face in the fifth gif  #look at the worry in her eyes  #that’s the thing that really lets her know he’s not okay  #that’s how she knows just how scared he was  #it’s not anything that happens afterwards  #it’s not the haunted look in his eyes as he describes what happened on Crusader Fifty  #it’s the fact that the Doctor  #who is always alright  #always in control  #lets his guard down enough to hug her just that little bit tighter

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right, so this blog has their ask turned off so you can’t message them, but they literally just take peoples graphics/edits and greyscale them, then reposts as their own work. 

for example, this was reposted as this

please please please help by reporting them to tumblr and reblogging this to spread the word. this is not okay, this is art theft

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i don’t understand why there’s been so much increased traction, yeah. i think people are just buzzing bc of the movie

Which does seem to happen when things gain popularity. Sigh.

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#frozen  #anna  #disney  
yourfaveisproblematic.t… you could try this. i don’t agree with a lot of points but yeah

Those all seem to be things that I’ve seen about him before though and just all of this seems to have escalated recently??? But it’s nice to see that he has recognized/apologized/stopped doing a good number of the things on that list (and that whoever runs that tumblr [albeit with a semi-sorta-kinda ehhh name that could be worded better I think because all humans have imperfections that’s just a thing] is willing to address that he has as well). 

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And more, what you’ve left behind…

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Boredom strikes tumblr user thephantomof once more.

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saintjoanofbrownstone replied to your post: Ok but seriously: What the heck did Jo…

gus’s pretentiousness became visible to people who haven’t read the book. They have no context. I speak as someone with out context who thinks Gus is a douche, but people are stupid and over react to everything

Eh, more or less but I feel like people are drawing on something else from the level of reactions/posts recently…

angelicatherubiks answered your post: Ok but seriously: What the heck did Jo…

they also think that he is a women hater (that one word….. miysgoest?sp?)

Misogynist, according to Chrome spell checker. Dare I ask what for?

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Lighting Up Sonic Screwdriver